End users of Fashion Cloud products will use a brand's data in several of our own products, or show it on their own webshop via our API. Every webshop is unique in filtering, categorising and showing off its products.

With the lack of a clear industry standard for storing and sharing data, Fashion Cloud and our customers aim to uphold a certain data and image quality standard. This standard constantly keeps up with the time, as we invite our participating brands to increase their level of detail and standardisation.

Today, we define required attributes which are expected by our users when they intend to use your data for e-com purposes.

At Fashion Cloud we work on increasing the quality of this standard by learning from the e-com market and from the data on our platform. Therefore optional attributes, can still be adopted to this standard in the upcoming year and will therefore become required. In addition, all optional attributes and information help the e-com players to use your data in the best way and to represent your brand in the best possible way

For more detail regarding the requirements of attributes per Fashion Cloud product, please consult our in-depth attribute table here.

Required attributes

<aside> 💡 *Style number is used to group articles with different materials, the article number then groups all it's colors, and a color code groups all it's sizes.


<aside> 💡 **How we prefer to handle articles that consist of multiple colors.

1. if at least 80% of the article is 1 color, we prefer to receive 1 color
2. if an article is made up of 2 colors, divided roughly 50%/50% we prefer to receive 2 colors separated by a comma. 
3. if an article is made up of 3 colors or more we prefer to receive 'multicolor'


Example: E-com ready article

Example of an article on our Content Platform, containing all required attributes.


Optional attributes